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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Interview Jinx

After coming back home from an interview, my wife asked 'interview poneengaley enaachu? moonjiya ipdi thonga potuttu vareeenga'?

"mudhalla oru 3 peru thaan'ma irundhaanga....avangalaala evlo kelvi ketka mudiyumo, avlo kettaanga...Sari mudinju veetukku anuppuvaanga'nu paarthaa, interview nadandhturukum podhey oruthan, innoruthanukku phone'a pottu 'free irundhaa vaada..inga oruthan interview'ku chikki irukkaan'u sonnaan".....avan chonnaan.."naan busy'a irukken da, nee venaa inga anuppi vidu naan paarthukrenu sonnaan..." inga mudinja udaney, anga adutha round'ku anupichu vittanga..., anga oru 4 paer'maa moochu thinara thinara kelvi kettaanga... naanum kettutu pongadaanu vitutten..."

"neenga onuthukkum answer panliyaa"

"illa'ma...Kelvi ketutrukkom podhey oruthan sonnaan..'ivan evlo kelvi kettaalum padhil solraan...ivan romba arivaali'nu ninappu pola'....naanum kelvikku padhil theriyara maadhiriye evlo neram thaan nadikradhu"


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Oh No! Not again

'Well begun is half done'
How True, Its never well done
I started well,
Firm on my feet
Surfing with ease
I thought, A gud ending in prospect
A moment of indecision Cost me dear.
Oh No! I had done that before
It was my core
Now its no more
Mind said 'No', but Heart superceded
There went everything awry
It peeled my confidence
Throwing me out of my sense
Putting me in defense
And Finally sealed my end.

Then came the post mortem
And the blame game
No one talks about success
When you fail badly
Even trivia is deadly
Heard some utter
'Conditions were inclement'
''You were unlucky"
'You should have been more tough'
Can somebody just stop them?
Added up the frustration
Defeat is agonising
My heart is still paining
How i could have avoided?
And finally 'Why me'?
Oh No! Not again

Came home with a dull face,
With no one to embrace
Mouthed few filthy sounds
Got Tired and lied on the ground
Dont know when i slept
Waking up i said
"Its just another defeat"
'Bitter ones are yet to come''
"You are born like that''
Learn from mistakes''
I dont know whether it makes me wise
But, atleast helps in giving advice :)


Saturday, April 07, 2007

Ennai oruvan paada sonnaan

Ram is on the way to his home in his new Toyota Avalon car. He picks up Jags on the way
Jags: Dei ipod thaan connect pannirukka’la. Paatu edhaachum poden.
Ram doesn’t pay heed. His eyes are on Aishwarya(Ash) who is waiting for the signal for pedestrians to cross to the other end. Ram stops his vehicle near her.
Ram: Erikkonga! I will drop at your house.
Ash: Oh! Thanks, Pakkathula thaaney irukku (Vazhinjundey she gets in the back seat)
Ram now turns on the I-Pod. “Kadhal Vandhaal solli anuppu” from “Iyarkai beeps out from the speaker.
Ram: Ayyo, super paattu’nga. Vairamuthu urugi urugi ezhudirupaar. Epdi thaan ipdi ellaam yosikraaro theriyala. Its one of his best songs’nga. Vairamuthu’voda karpanaya adichuka mudiyaadhu. Adhuvum “Irupadhu kodi nilavugal koodi penmai aanadho” paatula “maanida piravi ennadi madhippu, un kaal viral nagamaai pirappadhey sirappu’nu sollirupaar paarunga, angeyae namma vizhundharlaam. Neenga (to Ash) vairamuthu songs ketpeeengala?
Jags is now busy selecting the next song, he thinks “Ini nammal’ta enga pesa poraan?”
Ash: Naan avalavaa analyse panradhu kidayaadhu? Aana chila songs romba manasa padhichirukku. Adhuvum “Ilaya Nila pozhigiradhu”, “Pani vizhum malarvanam”, “Ooh La la la”, “ Margazhi poovey” adhey maadhiri iyarkaya rasichu ezhudina paatum irukku.
After that Ram talks about “thanjavooru mannu eduthu” song, taking Ash to the tortures of analysing the entire lyrics of each of the lines, epdi and edhukku andha oora choose pannaar’nu.
Jags who was busy juggling with the ipod for the song of his choice finally has some smile on his face. “Edhukku pondaatti, enna suthi vappaati” is now playing from the IPOD
Jags: “Dei, indha paatu yaaru da ezhudinadhu?”
P.S.: Just oru karpanai thaan, Am a big fan of vairamuthu :)


Monday, February 26, 2007

Kelvikku enna badhil?

For the first time I have been tagged, Thanks to Maruthu. So Here goes the first of mine

Favorite Color
Black and Blue

Favorite Food
Definitely not the ones cooked by me :) Mathapadi Thayir Saadham is my all time favorite

Favorite Song
‘Ondraa, rendaaa’….Sorry andha paatta mean pannala…Latest’a rumba hum panradhu ‘Ennara thimaala ennavo rimaala, ennara thimaala ennavo theemaala’ hope u got this song :)

Favorite Movies
I like to watch my favorite movies umpteen number of times. So recent’a apdi paarthadhu Tamil’la Anbe Sivam and English’la The Shawshank Redemption

Favorite Sport
Goli, Gilli mudhal Billiards, Pool varai anaithum theriyum… Aanal ondrum urupadiyaa vilaiyada theriyaadhu :) But anytime I can see a football match

Favorite Season
“Padukkai Arayiley Vasantham, Kuliyal Arayiley winter season, Veliyae jolly’a walk pannum podhu megam moodi jillunu thendral vandhu thodaara maadhiri oru pleasant climate” apdinu time’ku ethaa maadhiri, naan ninaikum bodhu season maaranum

Favorite Day
Friday, the reason is obvious

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor
Karumbu thinna kooli maadhiri, ice cream saapda flavor vendumo

Favorite time
When things go good, but worst time vandhu Monday morning

8 Currents

Current Mood
Very somber coz naalaikku kaalaila 6.30’ku off’la irukkanum

Current Taste
Pakkathu veetu Paasakaara makkal kodutha Carrot Halwa

Current Clothes
Ippo Naan dress podaattiyum ungalukku therinjidavaa pogudhu

Current Desktop
Sorry this is laptop and that too my roomie’s :)

Current Time
Nallaa thookkam varra time

Current Thoughts
I have to get up early tomorrow, which is gonna be a very difficult job

6 First

First Best Friend
My brother

First Screen Name
Voldemort, vera enna

First Album
3 maasa kozhandhayaa irundhappo enga amma’voda eduthadhu

First Pet
I like pets at zoo

First Piercing
Question should be very specific

6 Lasts
Last Cigarette
I have put that in ashtray

Last Drink
Innikku madhiyam saapta Semiyaa paayasam

Last Car Ride
Met with an accident, so stopped after that

Last Movie Seen

Last Phone Call
Sweet home

Last Book Read
False Impression

Have you ever broken the law?
Sorry naan edhaachum solla, Captain, Anniyan ellaarum kochikittaa

Have you ever been arrested?
By whom?

Have you ever Lied?
Idhuvarai naan sonnaadhellaam poi. Poyyai thavira veradhuvum illai.. Even this :)

Have you ever kissed someone you didn’t know?
Enakkum adhu nadakkanum’nu rumba aasa thaan

Who is your latest crush?
Sruthi, who stays in the other room of my house. I am trying my level best to impress her and make her laugh. She budges only few times. Yenna eppovumae daddy, daddy’nu appa madiyiliyae virala sappittu okkaarndhu irukka

5 Things

Things you are wearing
Tshirt, Tracks and Mogathula oru chinna poi sogam

Things you have done today
Rest eduthu, rest eduthu tired aagi rest eduthen

Things you can hear right now
TV’la odittrukkira Nat-Geo Commentary

Things you can’t live without
Oxygen, Water and Food

Things you do when you are bored
Yaar aayachum call panni mokka podaradhu

Places You have been Today
Laundry, Hospital and Music Practice

3 People You can tell anything to
My Brother, Cousin and my best friend

2 Choices
Computer, choices’a kadasittu nalla color choices kondu vaa…

Sorry the question should have been Raw/Mixing and then match the above two with this

1 Thing you want to do before you die
I want people say with a sigh of relief and of course with a smile “Appaa saniyan ozhinjudhudaa saamy”

I hereby tag Saravanan and Mox aka Vijay


Thursday, February 15, 2007

Onsite'ku poga poraan ketukko

Ram crawled out of the call taxi at around 9’o clock in the evening in front of a swarm of crowd buzzing in front of the anna international airport in Chennai waiting to see their loved ones off. His bro went to take a trolley for him to carry his two big briefcases and a cabin baggage. Few of his close pals were already there and commenting like ‘Machi! Onsite poi seekram map poda aarambichudu. Endha tea kada nallaa irukkum, etc and idhara info’laam naan anga vandhu unkitta ketukkaraen. Aana unakku thaan onnum theriyaadhey. Unna epdi onsite anupraanga? Unna vachu clients enna paadu pada porangalo theriyala?’ He was just smiling but he was still searching for his roomie Jags who said he will be coming for his send off. He didn’t pick up his call too.

Check in time started at 9.30 for the Frankfurt bound Lufthansa flight. Seeing the rush, Ram slowly took his trolley inside waving byes to all his friends. His parents and bro accompanied him inside.

As he was about to get in, the ‘Kaakka Kaakka’ ring tone beeped out from his mobile. Yes it was Jags. Ram picked up the call and said ‘Kadasila ennayum ipdi oru normal software engineer aakki onsite’ku anupitaangaley da. Onna parka mudiyaama poidumo’nu ninachen. Nalla velai vandhutta adhukulla?’

‘Ennadhu onsite’ku poriyaa? Dei over’a unnoda friends send off’ku pogaadhannu sonaa kettiyaa nee…mudhalla vandhu kadhava thora da…nethu evan onsite ponaan? Kaalaila naan varuvenu sonnenla…marandhu pocha? Idhula mudhalvan dialogue vera?’


Monday, January 22, 2007

Way to Go

This is what a mad Gunners fan would love. Two out of two in league matches against ManU. If I remember right it happened last time in 2002 when they had remained unbeaten in all their away encounters and went on to clinch the title in Old Trafford. Sad that I couldn’t see the match. But after seeing a beautiful Mani film and doing late night surfing to notice that your favorite team has come from behind to win their match against their bitter archrivals, what better feel good factor and a better start one could ask for the week.


Thursday, January 11, 2007

May he haunt you more

It started with 'The Wall'. Journey went like Milton, an insomniac, appeasement…..and finally back to ‘The Wall’ again. The love he expressed for his dear one had many lapping him, but the number of hits, he got were very few :) Born as a rebel, then turned to a villain and that you can point to his master and his devil-care laziness :). 100 was his target, but didnt even reach 50 . Lazy and a guy gone nuts :) are evident in his forms. His connection to Dravid, who is celebrating his b'day(May he bring more laurels to the nation) did not make him famous. Yet one can ask him 'New Year, New form but will new good posts come? Or will it be Same Shit different days again'. Any way its my baby's first b'day, lets sing (badri like) 'Lordu(plz dont suffix labakdas), Its your b'day, Lordu, its your big day, Lordu, why are you like this? Will you please stop posting' :)